Holiday card inspiration: This and That

"This and That" pays homage to the almighty ampersand (this particular specimen is part of the typeface American Typewriter). When designing this card, I was inspired by young romance, typed love letters, pure white snowflakes, with a tinge of nostalgia.

Inspiration board sources: JCoPhoto (top left), feather package, unknown source (top middle), inhauspress (top right), .benedicte (middle left), ragehaus (bottom left, snowflake lights, unknown source (bottom middle), (bottom right).

Holiday card inspiration: Classic Collage

Do you have trouble making up your mind? Can't decide on just one photo, huh? How about, say, eight? I designed this card, "Classic Collage", with you in mind. The messaging is simple and straight to the point, with a touch of curlique to pretty it up.

Inspiration board sources: Todd Klassy (top left), Ethan Ollie (top middle), Decor8blog (top right), Its Fitz (middle left), Anthropologie (bottom left), GEMMAWH (bottom middle), Ranveig (bottom right).

Holiday card inspiration: The Joy of Stripes

My next card, "The Joy of Stripes" was designed to offset a full-bleed photo with a simple message. I was motivated to create a classic, editorial look (think: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar) with a twist. Crisp, offset stripes and a pop of red add depth and warmth, while retaining a chic-yet-slightly-quirky aesthetic.

Inspiration board sources: Audrey Hepburn, Unknown Source (top left), Dwell Studio (top middle), Juniper Home (top right), Studer T.V. (middle left), herz-allerliebst (middle right), Decoration Cartier (bottom left), Tiny Water (bottom middle), Lilly Queen Vintage (bottom right).

Holiday card inspiration: Modern Headline

Believe it or not, Holiday Card orders are already rolling in! I have a new collection of 2011 holiday designs at Minted, so I thought I'd highlight a different design (with accompanying inspiration boards) each day.

I'll start with one of my favorite cards, "Modern Headline." This sweet and simple design showcases a full-bleed photo with playful typography and a vintage-y color palette. I love giant polka-dots, so I couldn't resist this motif for the backer.

Minted is currently offering free shipping and backers for the next couple days, so get 'em while they're hot!

Inspiration board sources: The Crafting Chicks (top left), Petite Alma (top middle), Apartment Therapy (top right), Flightless Boyds (middle left), Heirloom Philosophy (middle right), Town Above Water (bottom left), Simply Hue (bottom right).