The Bridge Project.


I just wrapped up the layout and design for The Bridge Project, an art/comic anthology launched by Matt Leunig, a San Francisco-based illustrator and cartoonist (and my good buddy). Matt has paired up about 30 artists from SF and Portland to collaborate and tell a story, thereby bridging the two communities.

Some contributions are simple one-pagers, others are epic and deep; the beauty of the project lies in the diversity of the comics, in both theme and visual aesthetic. Matt intends to broaden The Bridge Project's scope by teaming up poster/print artists to create limited screen prints, and by possibly pairing new cities to be "bridged" in the future.

A reason to write.

camp stationery-ph.jpg

Forget about cheap postcards with soft focus images of pine cones and kayaks, this camp stationery is truly HIP. My former place of work, PH Design Shop of Houston, Texas, has created this sweet package, complete with custom buttons, pencils, clips, and labels. Check them out, and be sure to browse their other bespoke designs. Man, I miss those guys!

Minted stationery design.


 I'm not a fan of most crowdsourcing sites. More often than not, they're a trap for novice designers, a pyrrhic victory for clients, and they lower the bar for good design and fair pricing everywhere. (Interesting discussion and articles on the matter.)

But...Minted is different. Simply put, it's like Threadless for invitations. Minted attracts some great designers from all over the world (but mostly the US), who submit stationery and invitation designs based on each month's competition guidelines. They're reputable, honest, and their assortment is a pleasure to browse. Winning designs net cash prizes, as well as a 5% commission on each design sold. Pretty dang sweet. Plus, as a semi-obsessed design submitter, it's a lot of fun.