Your Life Work.

I was cruising Youtube for videos on Linotype machines (latest obsession), but I'm so glad I found this awesome vocational film instead!

The jaunty narrator extols the art of mass media printing (number four of the "nation's great industries," in case you were wondering). He covers several job descriptions within the printing firm, and takes us on a tour of many exciting departments such as the composing room, the proof platen and large rotary presses, the lovely lady-proofreaders, and the blokes of the lock-up. Most fascinating is the footage of the Linotype and Monotype machines.

Side note: during my last year at college, I worked at the Daily News Record in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I performed the most menial paste-up tasks in the "Composing Room," and never fully understood what "composing" meant. I thought it referred to the staff writers who "composed" their lyrical headlines. But now I know, thanks to "Your Life Work"!