Dribbble and some logos.


At the beginning of the year, I made a pact with myself to use Dribbble more. My incredible-designer friend, Danny Zevallos, sent me an invite a while back and after a few semi-confused, halfhearted "shots" (what was with the basketball metaphors, anyway?!), I put Dribbble on the backburner and didn't play for months.

But I have picked up the ball again! I've found that it's an amazing resource for inspiration, finding graphic designers/type designers/illustrators, and a good networking tool. I have discovered some ridiculously talented creative forces from all over the world via Dribbble – to name a few: Bijdevleet from the Netherlands, Marco Goran Romano from Italy, Lydia Nichols from Philly, JC Desevre from France, and Jeremy Pruitt from Colorado. And, as one who-just-doesn't-blog-as-much-as-one-probably-should, posting a quick Dribbble shot is an easy way to publish recent work and to get feedback on works-in-progress.

Below are some recent Dribbble shots (and "rebounds") of logo explorations I created for a client, Hereafter Events. If you're a fellow Dribbbler, find me here!


New wedding suites!

I'm pretty darn excited to announce three new Jody Wody wedding invitation suites available at Minted! Each suite is fully-customizable, available on signature, 100% recycled, and pearlescent paper.

Retro Tattoo Wedding Invitations: Charming swallows fly above a banner and heart on these hip wedding invitations. The tattoo-inspired, hand-drawn illustration leaves little question as to what kind of rockin' celebration lies ahead.

Come Together Wedding Invitations: The ultimate symbol of your union, these wedding invitations celebrate "coming together" with entwined initials dangling from delicate chains.

Heartstrings Wedding Invitations: Hand-drawn, simple lines interweave to create a heart motif.