I Heart SF wedding invitation suite.

I Heart SF is another freshly Minted design that launched this month! An homage to one of my favorite cities on Earth (and current home), this invitation suite showcases San Francisco's unique landmarks and icons.

I was going for a vintage travel poster/children's story book vibe, with vivid colors and textured illustrations. Perfect for a City Hall wedding. By the way, have you seen these gorgeous real-life SF City Hall nuptials here, here, and here?

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London + San Francisco.


What a beaut! As a former Londoner and current San Franciscan, I fell in love with this amazing piece that connects the skylines of both cities. It's Turner Duckworth's 2009 holiday card, printed by SF-based Dependable Letterpress. I wanted to hang it on my wall so badly that I asked TD for a print, and they were kind enough to send two!

The Bridge Project.


I just wrapped up the layout and design for The Bridge Project, an art/comic anthology launched by Matt Leunig, a San Francisco-based illustrator and cartoonist (and my good buddy). Matt has paired up about 30 artists from SF and Portland to collaborate and tell a story, thereby bridging the two communities.

Some contributions are simple one-pagers, others are epic and deep; the beauty of the project lies in the diversity of the comics, in both theme and visual aesthetic. Matt intends to broaden The Bridge Project's scope by teaming up poster/print artists to create limited screen prints, and by possibly pairing new cities to be "bridged" in the future.