Working on: Ruggles Green Bistro rebrand.

Today I'm working on a quick-turnaround rebrand for a popular Houston eatery. The Ruggles Green franchise has been a local staple for years, but one of their locations is reopening under a new name and new look – and that's where I come in! I'm working with their original logo, but everything else is fair game for a refresh. Here's a sneak peek at my inspiration board and preliminary dinner menu design.

826 Valencia reception with Jessica Hische tonight!


As part of 826 Valencia's year-long 10th anniversary celebration, I had the honor of working with 826 Creative Director, Maria Ines Montes, to produce a bang-up commemorative journal. After weeks (err, months) of brainstorming, we decided that reaching out to Bay Area creative locals would be the perfect way to combine community + amazing design, in the name of raising funds for 826 Valencia's literacy programs.

For the first edition of what will hopefully be a collectible series, Jessica Hische came aboard. She is truly a wizard! In just days after our initial meeting, she designed the gorgeous cover photographed here. We've named it "The Captain's Log". We spent a morning working with the fine fellows at Ace Embossing, oohing and aahing over foil swatches, ogling their bikini-lady posters from 1983, and making press adjustments to achieve that perfect hit.

Jessica will be signing the limited edition journals tonight at The Pirate Supply Store. Join us for an intimate reception followed by a Q&A session at 6:00!

From 826 Valencia's site:

The Captain’s Log is just the place to put all those star charts and navigational notes you’ve heretofore been stashing in crumpled bunches in pockets and drawers and other misguided places. Keep your voyage plans—and your almost too accurate caricatures of the entire crew—safe in this fine leather-like notebook designed by the renowned letterer Jessica Hische.

Please note: this item is currently a pre-order. Journals signed by artist Jessica Hische will ship out on Monday, April 15th. Advance (unsigned) copies are also currently available in store.

Black pleather Piccadilly notebook with gold foil

8.25″x 5″

Design by Jessica Hische

Interior pages available in plain, lined, or graph

The first in a series of limited edition journals featuring original designs by guest artists. 100% of the proceeds will benefit 826 Valencia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging literacy and excitement for learning among San Francisco and Bay Area youth.

New: Storybook letterpress wedding invitation.

Exciting news: Storybook is now available in lovely letterpress at Minted! As part of Minted's inaugural line of custom letterpress wedding designs, the Storybook suite includes invitations, response cards, directions cards, information inserts and folded thank you cards.

Be sure to check out the full collection - there are some gorgeous designs by talented folks like Alethea and Ruth, Lauren Chism, Annie Clark, R Studio, Kristen Smith, Moglea, Root Beer Float, Penelope Poppy, Wondercloud Design, Unless Someone Like You, Ann Gardner, The Social Type, Olive and Violet, Paper Dahlia, Teresa Lang, and Jennifer Wick.

Dribbble and some logos.


At the beginning of the year, I made a pact with myself to use Dribbble more. My incredible-designer friend, Danny Zevallos, sent me an invite a while back and after a few semi-confused, halfhearted "shots" (what was with the basketball metaphors, anyway?!), I put Dribbble on the backburner and didn't play for months.

But I have picked up the ball again! I've found that it's an amazing resource for inspiration, finding graphic designers/type designers/illustrators, and a good networking tool. I have discovered some ridiculously talented creative forces from all over the world via Dribbble – to name a few: Bijdevleet from the Netherlands, Marco Goran Romano from Italy, Lydia Nichols from Philly, JC Desevre from France, and Jeremy Pruitt from Colorado. And, as one who-just-doesn't-blog-as-much-as-one-probably-should, posting a quick Dribbble shot is an easy way to publish recent work and to get feedback on works-in-progress.

Below are some recent Dribbble shots (and "rebounds") of logo explorations I created for a client, Hereafter Events. If you're a fellow Dribbbler, find me here!


826 Valencia Annual Report.


Hey, look! It's the first ever 826 Valencia Annual Report! I spent the last couple months of 2011 with the friendly folks at 826, hashing out a plan to publish an annual report that people would actually want to read. I designed the self-mailer annual to resemble a trusty ol' composition book, with fun diagrams, an illustrated gate-fold timeline, scrapbook-y photos, and fantastic illustrations by Anna Kwon.

Jody Wody holiday card.


Show and Tell! Here are the holiday cards I sent out to clients this year. This season was a doozy and I didn't have the spare time to create anything from scratch, so I used one of my Jody Wody designs for Minted, "Antique Typography". To spice things up, I bought dozens of Tattly temporary tattoos, slipped them into tiny silver coin envelopes, and sealed them inside the folded card!

I included my favorite design-themed Tattly tattoos, including: Love Your WorkTattone,  Type Nerd and Crops.

Apparently someone at USPS wanted to get their hands on a tattoo so badly, they took a bite out of the envelope! Check out this one card that was returned to me...


Happily ever after and who dat!


In the interest of taking a break from holiday designs, I thought I'd share some recent work. This post-wedding party invitation was a fun project I worked on with a New Orleans-based client who'd planned a unique way to unwind after her big day. She approached me with an interesting task: to come up with a hip, non-cheesy design combining Saints football and marriage. I was "game" (pun intended), and whipped up this invitation suite combining bold type, simple illustrations, and of course, plenty of fleur de lis. Geaux Saints!

Holiday card inspiration: This and That

"This and That" pays homage to the almighty ampersand (this particular specimen is part of the typeface American Typewriter). When designing this card, I was inspired by young romance, typed love letters, pure white snowflakes, with a tinge of nostalgia.

Inspiration board sources: JCoPhoto (top left), feather package, unknown source (top middle), inhauspress (top right), .benedicte (middle left), ragehaus (bottom left, snowflake lights, unknown source (bottom middle), (bottom right).