Our New Year's cards

I love holiday cards, but I kind of love New Year's cards even more! Receiving a card in the New Year is kind of like finding that extra french fry in the bottom of the bag: you think you're done and you're feelin' pretty satisfied, but wait—there's more!

I illustrated our family portrait and had the cards printed with Minted, using Annie Clark's foil-pressed template, Gold Rush. The design was actually intended to be a wedding thank you card, but I'm all for a little creative repurposing!

Holiday fever, part I.

It's a stormy Monday here in Houston and I've finished work early, so I thought I'd share some of my recent entries for Minted's 2012 Holiday Card challenge. In the name of brevity, I will break this up into a couple posts (more to come). Winners and Editor's Picks will be announced later this summer, so fingers crossed for a nice surprise come September!


Valentine's Day cards.

Valentine's Day is creeping up, and I've got you covered! Here are two new Jody Wody additions to Minted's line of adorable Classroom Valentines. These teeny-tiny cards were designed to incorporate a touch of DIY – you can affix a matching bow to Prize Ribbon via two strategically placed punch holes, and I'm a Sucker includes the perfect spot to attach a yummy lollipop.

Remember, you don't have to be a kid to hand these out. Think of how many new friends you'll make by handing out Sucker cards at the grocery store.

Jody Wody holiday card.


Show and Tell! Here are the holiday cards I sent out to clients this year. This season was a doozy and I didn't have the spare time to create anything from scratch, so I used one of my Jody Wody designs for Minted, "Antique Typography". To spice things up, I bought dozens of Tattly temporary tattoos, slipped them into tiny silver coin envelopes, and sealed them inside the folded card!

I included my favorite design-themed Tattly tattoos, including: Love Your WorkTattone,  Type Nerd and Crops.

Apparently someone at USPS wanted to get their hands on a tattoo so badly, they took a bite out of the envelope! Check out this one card that was returned to me...


Holiday card inspiration: This and That

"This and That" pays homage to the almighty ampersand (this particular specimen is part of the typeface American Typewriter). When designing this card, I was inspired by young romance, typed love letters, pure white snowflakes, with a tinge of nostalgia.

Inspiration board sources: JCoPhoto (top left), feather package, unknown source (top middle), inhauspress (top right), .benedicte (middle left), ragehaus (bottom left, snowflake lights, unknown source (bottom middle), rickrack.com (bottom right).

Holiday card inspiration: Classic Collage

Do you have trouble making up your mind? Can't decide on just one photo, huh? How about, say, eight? I designed this card, "Classic Collage", with you in mind. The messaging is simple and straight to the point, with a touch of curlique to pretty it up.

Inspiration board sources: Todd Klassy (top left), Ethan Ollie (top middle), Decor8blog (top right), Its Fitz (middle left), Anthropologie (bottom left), GEMMAWH (bottom middle), Ranveig (bottom right).