Gold foil prints for UC Berkeley

Here's a custom typographic illustration I created for UC Berkeley a couple months ago. They were foil stamped on beautiful deep blue cardstock and sent out to donors and alumni for the New Year. I just love how they turned out – nothing beats the excitement of getting a fresh stack of samples back from the client!

Peep more of the project here.

All up in my Gill.


During my recent trip to England, I felt like I couldn't escape Gill Sans. It was everywhere. It's never been on my favorite list – I've always avoided its awkward mix of blunt curves and random points whenever possible.

But I learned to appreciate the typeface a bit more while traipsing around London and the English countryside. Maybe I was just a captive audience smothered into submission, but I can honestly say that I just may put G.S. to use, sometime, somewhere. In the right context, it's kind of charming (especially on this sign I spotted in Ringwood).

And you have to admit, you don't wanna mess with the lowercase Ultra Bold "i".

She's baaack...


I'm crazy about Mrs. Eaves XL and the debut of her hubby, Mr. Eaves Sans – both created by Emigre co-founder, Zuzana Licko. Much more than Mrs. Eaves with her arms lopped off, Mr. Eaves a strong and unique typeface that I'm gonna try very hard not to overuse! Meanwhile, Mrs. Eaves XL provides a greater x-height, as well as shorter ascenders/descenders and overall tighter spacing.