826 Valencia holiday cards are here!

I'm so very excited to announce that the holiday cards I designed for 826 Valencia are now for sale online and at the Pirate Store! Each bundle holds six A2 letterpressed foldover cards: three designs, each with matching envelopes. All proceeds will benefit student programming at 826 Valencia. Big ups to Dependable Letterpress for a killer print job.

Cards printed on Mohawk Renewal, white (80% PCW recycled). Envelopes from Waste Not Paper, Eco-White.

Snowflake Letterpress Holiday Card

"Letterform Snowflake"


"Hedgehog Bookworm"

Hedgehog Letterpress Holiday Card

"Here's to Another Year Without Scurvy"

Typography Letterpress Holiday Card

Your Life Work.

I was cruising Youtube for videos on Linotype machines (latest obsession), but I'm so glad I found this awesome vocational film instead!

The jaunty narrator extols the art of mass media printing (number four of the "nation's great industries," in case you were wondering). He covers several job descriptions within the printing firm, and takes us on a tour of many exciting departments such as the composing room, the proof platen and large rotary presses, the lovely lady-proofreaders, and the blokes of the lock-up. Most fascinating is the footage of the Linotype and Monotype machines.

Side note: during my last year at college, I worked at the Daily News Record in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I performed the most menial paste-up tasks in the "Composing Room," and never fully understood what "composing" meant. I thought it referred to the staff writers who "composed" their lyrical headlines. But now I know, thanks to "Your Life Work"!



The marriage of Lego and letterpress is way too exciting for me, since recently I've been refining both my letterpress skillsand my Lego-building (Tyler and I have been working on a Prince of Persia fortress).

Samuel Cox and Justin LaRosa of Physical Fiction have printed some fantastic posters on their Vandercook, using single Lego squares instead of type or plates. I wouldn't be surprised if they sell out quickly, so get 'em while they're hot!

Photos courtesy of Physical Fiction.

We made a poster.


This past weekend I took part in a small group letterpress sesh at the Levi's Workshop on Valencia. Together we printed a crazy hand-set typographic poster, comprised of words, phrases, and quotes. Since it just happened to be the 5-year anniversary of the day I fled Katrina and my beloved New Orleans, I paid a li'l tribute to NOLA by printing: "How's ya mom an'em!"

Photos by Colin Smith (distortedperspective.com)

My first letterpress.


I spent all day yesterday at the SF Center for the Book, makin' plates and crankin' the Vandercook. Loved every minute of it, and came away with a fat stack of neat prints: new Jody Wody business cards and my "Ye Olde Yo!" notecards. I cannot wait to go back and do it again!