826 Valencia Annual Report.


Hey, look! It's the first ever 826 Valencia Annual Report! I spent the last couple months of 2011 with the friendly folks at 826, hashing out a plan to publish an annual report that people would actually want to read. I designed the self-mailer annual to resemble a trusty ol' composition book, with fun diagrams, an illustrated gate-fold timeline, scrapbook-y photos, and fantastic illustrations by Anna Kwon.

SFCAPC luncheon collateral.

SFCAPC Luncheon Print Collateral

The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center is an amazing organization which provides training and education, counseling, childcare, and a 24-hour family support line among its many services. I have been working with them for about a year, revamping their print collateral and overall aesthetic. The SFCAPC values children and family, as well as clean, effective communications – and it was time for a makeover!

Above are a few shots of collateral for the SFCAPC's annual fundraising luncheon. I created the save the date self-mailer, four-panel foldover invitation and response card, and 24-page saddle-stitched handbook.

Uptown Park banners and print ads.

I finally managed to get some photos of a huge project I worked on a couple months ago. I designed thirty individual banners for one of Houston's premier outdoor shopping destinations, Uptown Park, in collaboration with Lewis and Partners.

As part of Uptown Park's re-branding, I also created a series of full-page print ads. Each ad featured a "shopping list" of a typical Uptown Park patron: "Mom On the Go", "Young Man About Town", and "Girl Who Loves to Shop".


London + San Francisco.


What a beaut! As a former Londoner and current San Franciscan, I fell in love with this amazing piece that connects the skylines of both cities. It's Turner Duckworth's 2009 holiday card, printed by SF-based Dependable Letterpress. I wanted to hang it on my wall so badly that I asked TD for a print, and they were kind enough to send two!

A reason to write.

camp stationery-ph.jpg

Forget about cheap postcards with soft focus images of pine cones and kayaks, this camp stationery is truly HIP. My former place of work, PH Design Shop of Houston, Texas, has created this sweet package, complete with custom buttons, pencils, clips, and labels. Check them out, and be sure to browse their other bespoke designs. Man, I miss those guys!