Gold foil prints for UC Berkeley

Here's a custom typographic illustration I created for UC Berkeley a couple months ago. They were foil stamped on beautiful deep blue cardstock and sent out to donors and alumni for the New Year. I just love how they turned out – nothing beats the excitement of getting a fresh stack of samples back from the client!

Peep more of the project here.

Brooklyn Bridge gold foil art prints.

I have a new limited edition art print series over at Minted! Here's the first of three: Brooklyn Bridge. Made just for those who "heart NYC" and for folks whose walls are not complete without a bit of bling. Minted has a great variety of frames to match your decor style, but of course you can purchase it sans frame too.

The Black Angels poster.

Black Angels Poster

The folks at the Free Press Summer Fest asked me to design a poster for The Black Angels, who'll be one of the Fest's headliners in June. This was such a neat project to work on. I knew I wanted to avoid any clichéd psychedelic imagery for this design, since it's almost expected and, well, just not my style.

So, I channeled the likes of Saul Bass / Noma Bar / Jason Munn and decided to represent the band via a large, modern "crest." They're tambourine-lovin' and whiskey-fueled, and singer Alex Maas always wears his signature newsboy cap... so, I ran with it.

The poster will be screen-printed with three colors, and available for sale early summer. Stay tuned!

For a happier cat.


How cute are these? Searching for well-designed cat-related products is no easy task, trust me. We cat-people are generally lumped into the same category as Precious Moments collectors and Sky Mall enthusiasts, as far as aesthetic tastes go. 

So: thank you, Ink and Sword, thank you.



The marriage of Lego and letterpress is way too exciting for me, since recently I've been refining both my letterpress skillsand my Lego-building (Tyler and I have been working on a Prince of Persia fortress).

Samuel Cox and Justin LaRosa of Physical Fiction have printed some fantastic posters on their Vandercook, using single Lego squares instead of type or plates. I wouldn't be surprised if they sell out quickly, so get 'em while they're hot!

Photos courtesy of Physical Fiction.