Brooklyn Bridge gold foil art prints.

I have a new limited edition art print series over at Minted! Here's the first of three: Brooklyn Bridge. Made just for those who "heart NYC" and for folks whose walls are not complete without a bit of bling. Minted has a great variety of frames to match your decor style, but of course you can purchase it sans frame too.

Mug shot.


My buddy Laurie of Motormouth Press sent over some awesome tea/coffee mug designs. As a tea-addict-slash-designer, I'm very happy to see such awesome innovation in the world o' mugs. These are some of my faves.

Top: Snap Cups from INV/ALT Design. Middle: Tea Code Button Mugs from Kedo. Bottom left: Drink Selector by Suck UK. Bottom right: Tasse a Café Ti by Sentou.

He's so dreamy!


My love for Ira Glass goes way back. In 2005, my crush was exposed by Gambit Weekly writer David Lee Simmons, when he wrote a piece about Ira (I was the one "in her mid-20s"):

"...And my two co-workers aren't typical pop-culture fans, either. They're both female, one in her mid-20s, the other early-30s. They're both hip in their own way, the kind you'd see at a Modest Mouse show, the kind who know their way around the left end of the dial. And there's one thing they're pretty up front about: One of them flagged me down in the hallway to inform me, wide-eyed, that she was bringing a Sharpie pen to the show to get Glass' autograph.

Minutes later, she shrugged with her confession: "I'm such a geek."

If geeks and nerds are cool -- and there has been no better time in American history for them to be so -- then you could rightly argue that Ira Glass is their leader."

So naturally, when I popped into Little Otsu yesterday, I almost died when I saw this.