826 Valencia reception with Jessica Hische tonight!


As part of 826 Valencia's year-long 10th anniversary celebration, I had the honor of working with 826 Creative Director, Maria Ines Montes, to produce a bang-up commemorative journal. After weeks (err, months) of brainstorming, we decided that reaching out to Bay Area creative locals would be the perfect way to combine community + amazing design, in the name of raising funds for 826 Valencia's literacy programs.

For the first edition of what will hopefully be a collectible series, Jessica Hische came aboard. She is truly a wizard! In just days after our initial meeting, she designed the gorgeous cover photographed here. We've named it "The Captain's Log". We spent a morning working with the fine fellows at Ace Embossing, oohing and aahing over foil swatches, ogling their bikini-lady posters from 1983, and making press adjustments to achieve that perfect hit.

Jessica will be signing the limited edition journals tonight at The Pirate Supply Store. Join us for an intimate reception followed by a Q&A session at 6:00!

From 826 Valencia's site:

The Captain’s Log is just the place to put all those star charts and navigational notes you’ve heretofore been stashing in crumpled bunches in pockets and drawers and other misguided places. Keep your voyage plans—and your almost too accurate caricatures of the entire crew—safe in this fine leather-like notebook designed by the renowned letterer Jessica Hische.

Please note: this item is currently a pre-order. Journals signed by artist Jessica Hische will ship out on Monday, April 15th. Advance (unsigned) copies are also currently available in store.

Black pleather Piccadilly notebook with gold foil

8.25″x 5″

Design by Jessica Hische

Interior pages available in plain, lined, or graph

The first in a series of limited edition journals featuring original designs by guest artists. 100% of the proceeds will benefit 826 Valencia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging literacy and excitement for learning among San Francisco and Bay Area youth.

Arrive, Breathe, and Be Still.


This is the third year I have worked with 826 Valencia on their annual Young Author's Book Project, and I couldn't be more excited to announce that the books, Arrive, Breathe, and Be Still, are out! (Please excuse the amateur iPhone photography – I hope to take some better shots soon.)

I designed the cover and interior pages, and boy was this one a doozy! This year, student writers from Downtown High School became playwrights – which meant lots of unusual text formatting and a complex system of style guides. But I was looking forward to a challenge and after about 80 hours tweaking the 300+ pages in InDesign I can safely say that I'm a pro at stage play formatting and design.

The launch party extravaganza was held at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco, and featured readings by playwright Octavio Solis and the students themselves. Check out the blog post from 826 here!


Claire + Tim's keepsake wedding book.


Back in September I had the pleasure of working with Claire, a bride from Bermuda who asked me to design a keepsake program for her wedding. She and her fiance had an amazing day planned, and wanted to create a pocket-sized book to capture and preserve the event, the story of their families, and local Bermudian history.


Using vintage family photographs and illustrations of Bermudian flora, Cardinals and butterflies, I designed the booklet as part-program, part-memento. Claire had the books printed locally and incorporated custom stamps with mini muslin bags to complete the package. I received a sample in the mail yesterday and couldn't be more happy with how they turned out!


826 Valencia Annual Report.


Hey, look! It's the first ever 826 Valencia Annual Report! I spent the last couple months of 2011 with the friendly folks at 826, hashing out a plan to publish an annual report that people would actually want to read. I designed the self-mailer annual to resemble a trusty ol' composition book, with fun diagrams, an illustrated gate-fold timeline, scrapbook-y photos, and fantastic illustrations by Anna Kwon.

A day at SF Zine Fest.


One of my favorite tables at the show. Wertzateria and Jim Winters had some totally awesome art prints, cards and books. I had fun chatting with Michael of Wertzateria as I scrounged up the moola to purchase one of his screen prints (those quarters sure came in handy).


Adorable cards and knicknacks from the even more adorable Laurie of Motormouth Press. Laurie showed me her new teeny-tiny photo storybook that she put together with an X-acto and some tape while sitting behind her booth.


Cortney Cassidy and Teenagers In Love had some pretty rad zines and shirts to show off. We loved Courtney's "Lake Mohave Mojave" limited edition pictorial.


826 Valencia Book Design

For the past few months I've worked with 826 Valencia to produce this year's issue of the Young Authors' Book Project, Beyond Stolen Flames, Forbidden Fruit, and Telephone Booths.

Juniors and seniors from June Jordan School for Equity wrote personal essays and stories based on the theme, "the power of myth." Working with 826 Valencia's creative director, Maria Ines Montes, and cover illustrator Matt Leunig, I conceptualized, designed, and laid out the 290-page anthology.


With Maria Ines Montes (right) at the Beyond launch party.

A highlight of the book's launch party occurred when guest speaker (and one of my favorite authors), Khaled Hosseini, said to the students: "If this is your first publication..." as he held up the foil-stamped cover of Beyond, "you’re doing all right." Ahhh!

Beyond will soon be sold at the Pirate Store and on Amazon.com.

To "die" for.


Jonathan Safran Foer literally carved out the story in his latest book, Tree of Codes. He pioneered an intricate die-cutting technique by physically omitting text from one of his favorite novels, The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz.

Every printer Foer approached turned him down, saying it was impossible to create a such a book with a different die-cut on each page. Luckily Die Keure in Belgium was up to a challenge, and after a year of cutting and proto-typing, created this amazing piece.

We the Dreamers.


It's out, it's out! Since January, I have been working with the lovely people at 826 Valencia to create the latest Young Authors' Book Project short story anthology. I designed the cover, illustrated the chapter openers, and typeset the interior pages of the 280-page book. After many late nights and countless copyedits, I'm so excited to hold the book in my hands and gaze at it on my bookshelf.

The book is available for purchase at the Pirate Store and on Amazon.com. Thank you 826 for doing what you do, and for being so wonderful to work with!