826 Valencia Book Design

For the past few months I've worked with 826 Valencia to produce this year's issue of the Young Authors' Book Project, Beyond Stolen Flames, Forbidden Fruit, and Telephone Booths.

Juniors and seniors from June Jordan School for Equity wrote personal essays and stories based on the theme, "the power of myth." Working with 826 Valencia's creative director, Maria Ines Montes, and cover illustrator Matt Leunig, I conceptualized, designed, and laid out the 290-page anthology.


With Maria Ines Montes (right) at the Beyond launch party.

A highlight of the book's launch party occurred when guest speaker (and one of my favorite authors), Khaled Hosseini, said to the students: "If this is your first publication..." as he held up the foil-stamped cover of Beyond, "you’re doing all right." Ahhh!

Beyond will soon be sold at the Pirate Store and on