He's so dreamy!


My love for Ira Glass goes way back. In 2005, my crush was exposed by Gambit Weekly writer David Lee Simmons, when he wrote a piece about Ira (I was the one "in her mid-20s"):

"...And my two co-workers aren't typical pop-culture fans, either. They're both female, one in her mid-20s, the other early-30s. They're both hip in their own way, the kind you'd see at a Modest Mouse show, the kind who know their way around the left end of the dial. And there's one thing they're pretty up front about: One of them flagged me down in the hallway to inform me, wide-eyed, that she was bringing a Sharpie pen to the show to get Glass' autograph.

Minutes later, she shrugged with her confession: "I'm such a geek."

If geeks and nerds are cool -- and there has been no better time in American history for them to be so -- then you could rightly argue that Ira Glass is their leader."

So naturally, when I popped into Little Otsu yesterday, I almost died when I saw this.